Change Is Good!

Very long time, no see! Dear people,  I have been through a slew of events which created yet another pause in communication. I started a new job with both brand new and familiar faces. Adjusting to this much needed change, has been exciting because I’m among some extremely talented and intelligent people! As you may … More Change Is Good!

How Can I Help You?

As most of you know, not only am I a writer, but I enjoy consulting with individuals who’ve been involved in domestic violence relationships, dealt with homelessness, drug-addicted family members, rebellious teens, as well as how to become self-sufficient. I speak on the challenges I faced while exploring my religious beliefs, and how I overcame the … More How Can I Help You?

Turtle vs Bunny

Alright, I’ve figured out something about myself that I never paid attention to. I LOVE to talk! I also like to listen, but for some reason, my brain has way too much activity going on, at times I feel as if I have to multitask and micromanage everything I do. I believe at some point, … More Turtle vs Bunny

All About You!

There are too many phenomenal people out there in the world, who don’t realize it. I’m talking about you!   For some time, I struggled with my identity. I was always told how strong and smart I was, but I never saw it. I compared myself to everyone around me and often wondered why I wasn’t … More All About You!


My eldest daughter graduated from college, with honors, after four long years. We were among hundreds of family and friends, supporting our new grads with, congratulations of jobs well done, in hopes to see them through the next phase of success. Launching her career in Western New York was challenging for her. Finding employment in … More Whoo-Hoo!

Is It Just Me…

Now available in paperback!! Above is a link to my ebook, published on Amazon! This book consists of a small collection of poems I posted on my Blogger site titled, Is It Just Me.., at I’m excited to share this with you, in case you haven’t already checked out the countless poems and random … More Is It Just Me…

What’s Next?

How many of us replay the “honeymoon phase” in our minds when thinking about our spouses? (show of hands please…) I know I do! I still get butterflies inside when I think about how much I’m in love and how special he is to me. I believe reflecting on past experiences with our spouses or significate … More What’s Next?