My eldest daughter graduated from college, with honors, after four long years. We were among hundreds of family and friends, supporting our new grads with, congratulations of jobs well done, in hopes to see them through the next phase of success. Launching her career in Western New York was challenging for her. Finding employment in … More Whoo-Hoo!

Is It Just Me…

Now available in paperback!! Above is a link to my ebook, published on Amazon! This book consists of a small collection of poems I posted on my Blogger site titled, Is It Just Me.., at Lucidfogg.blogspot.com. I’m excited to share this with you, in case you haven’t already checked out the countless poems and random … More Is It Just Me…

What’s Next?

How many of us replay the “honeymoon phase” in our minds when thinking about our spouses? (show of hands please…) I know I do! I still get butterflies inside when I think about how much I’m in love and how special he is to me. I believe reflecting on past experiences with our spouses or significate … More What’s Next?

Wishful Unthinking

Poem: Back at it, bad habit Contradicting my own hypothesis, Swing and a miss, smoke cannabis till I’m calm and convinced I’m okay, Gucci shades hide my shame in the shadow of pain as my, Eyes cry things get blury, Trying to see clearly, The hiccup in my actions, The mimic of reactions, Makin’ old … More Wishful Unthinking